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Zundert (NL)

steel, paper, flowers (dahlia's)

17x4,5x9 m


Senza, an organism that feeds itself with applause.

Senza was all about the daily dose of attention a lot of people crave for on their social media platform. Many influencers give you the idea that you can get something from them, like a traditional seller/consumer model. But in fact do you give them the attention they seek to feed their own needs. Senza is the analogue and abstract model to demonstrate this strange trade. Senza asked by sound and movement for applause, when Senza got what he wanted he opened up and showed his beauty from inside and started consuming the attention.


Zundert (NL)

steel, paper, flowers (dahlia's)

17x4,5x9 m


'A dynamic exploration in form, colour and transparency. What do you see?'

Shrouded is about suggestion, a human form, abstracted to a pile of flesh draped with transparent fabric. To trigger questions about what we really see underneath the distraction; a suffering person, an interesting play of light, form and colour or a homage to the naked body? And what do we feel? fear, estranged, empowered?


Through playing with suggestion, form and colour we have created an image that unlocks a visual and mental search for the viewer.


Zundert (NL)

steel, paper, flowers (dahlia's)

19x4,5x9 m


A nine meters high Baroque Lion! 

For the annual flowerparade of Zundert I designed this baroque lion. The lushness of the baroque ornaments combined with the king of the cats made this eccentric lion even more majestic. In this particular sculpture I strived for a monumental impact combined with reverence for the sleeping giant.

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